All restoration work is contracted on a "Time & Materials" basis. An advance deposit is required to start the project, and when that amount is used, further advance/retainers are required until the project is complete.

Because there are many unknown or unforeseen repairs on any restoration project; (for example hidden rust beneath another metal structure), it is not possible to accurately forecast the cost of restoring a vehicle. The true cost is only revealed during the rebuilding process. It is for this reason that all of our restorations are done on a time/materials basis. Each project will hold its share of unique repair challenges. Although, a somewhat accurate estimate could be made if the vehicle was first fully disassembled; - stripped of all body parts, chrome, glass, suspension, interior, paints and undercoating, etc., every piece inspected, and documented individually, for condition and originality in addition, after the removal of all paint coatings, old collision damage, body dents and body rust would need to be evaluated. Obviously this disassembly and analysis alone would not be an inexpensive venture--especially if the customer decides not to go forward with the project.

Upholstery work is also available on request.
Upholstery work is not included in your estimate.
You must contract with the upholsterer for upholstery work personally.

Restoration estimates cannot given by email as there are too many details to consider.
For an estimate, please call or email me your name phone number and I will get right back to you.

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